✩ 5th Anniversary in Stock Photography - Covers Special! ✩
✩  So, this day has come, finally :) It's still unbelievable for me, the last 5 years were, probably, the most interesting and funny. At first, I thought to write the full story of my greatest failings & success, but I think you will get bored, so I decided to cut it :D

✩  To celebrate my 5th Anniversary I made a collage of the magazine\book covers + packages with my photographs, which I've found recently :) When I started from an absolute scratch April 2008, I couldn't even imagine it to see them on the covers one day..

✩  I'm grateful to everyone who were\is around me, through all the storms and sunny days, who supports & encourages me; to those, who have criticized and was sceptical, thank you very much too :D

✩  To do what I love, in the way I want it - this is the freedom for me. I will continue to move forward, to make good pictures :) And if my photographs brings smile to faces, evokes positive emotions and makes you feel hungry - this is my ideal reward :)
From now on I'll do my best on the way to my dreams!

Stockphotomedia Stockxpert and - thanks for your support!

p.s. I wrote more than expected, I apologize :)
Keep on doing what you like and enjoy. Best wishes!

Anya aka @AG_foto

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