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Round-up of our Chrismas Special series! Part 3 contains special winter drinks and cupcakes! :)
For the last few years, I've photographed mulled wine for Christmas, because it's the most popular winter drink. But this time I tried something that is simple, but never got my full attention. It's aromatic and sweet tea, that keeps you warm inside and happy outside during these cold winter days. :)
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Continuing our Christmas Fest photoshoots :) It's time for part 2! Desserts :)

  • Spiced cocoa with milk, chocolate brownies with coconut, red grape whipped cream and mattya.
  • Chocolate cakes with whipped cream.
[part 2]
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I love Winter more than other seasons. It has these special magical atmosphere about it. Snowy days, holiday feelings, aromatic coffee with milk, sweet cookies with cinnamon and ginger.. City shops put on festive lights and decorations..:)
You just couldn't not ignore this atmosphere, even if you're busy or in a bad mood. All these little things makes you feel warm inside and puts a smile on your face.
I'm always impatiently awaiting Christmas season, so I can begin to shoot ... Read more »
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This time the highlights are combined. Usually, starting from August and then following Autumn I begin to work for Christmas and only shoot and post here related stuff. But, after what happened, I needed to find and pick up my pace again, so I had a few non-xmas photoshoots. Let's call them 'harvest time', and here are the highlights:

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  • Puff-pizzas: baby basil, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, puff dough, olive oil, seasoning
  • Caprese salad
  • Warm salad: Pashot egg with backed duck, rucola, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and boiled corn
Simple and beautiful. I wanted to work with geometrical forms. So we baked the simple ones. I love such photoshoots. Very ha ... Read more »
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Let the Berry Fest begin! :) Such a colorful and beautiful photoshoots we had in June, lots of work has been done and lots of desserts has been eaten :)
  • Coconut cakes with whipped cream and sweet cherry
  • Coconut cakes with whipped cream, strawberry and kiwi
  • ... Read more »
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Double highlights this time! ;) The first row - is what was shot in April, not much eh... rest pics - May :) Work speeded up in May and June started pretty good!

Here we go:
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✩  So, this day has come, finally :) It's still unbelievable for me, the last 5 years were, probably, the most interesting and funny. At first, I thought to write the full story of my greatest failings & success, but I think you will get bored, so I decided to cut it :D

✩  To celebrate my 5th Anniversary I made a collage of the magazine\book covers + packages with my photographs, which I've found recently :) When I started from an absolute scratch ... Read more »
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It's time for March highlights; a bit early than usual :)

  • Tartlets with smoked salmon, cottage cheese and green onion.
  • Tartlets with salami, cherry tomatoes and black olives.
  • Tartlets with smoked salmon, eggs, cheese and green onion.
  • Tartlets with green peas, cheese, eggs and mint.
  • Coconut cakes with milk glaze and dried apric ... Read more »
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Starting new 2013 year with desserts :)

February highlights:

  • Chocolate tartlets with whipped sour cream and berries
  • Cereal tartlets with cowberry je ... Read more »
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