Christmas Special [part 2]
Continuing our Christmas Fest photoshoots :) It's time for part 2! Desserts :)

  • Spiced cocoa with milk, chocolate brownies with coconut, red grape whipped cream and mattya.
  • Chocolate cakes with whipped cream.
[part 2]

Notice those small santa hats, socks and 'candy' canes ;) Looks like real candies, isn't it? :) This is something I make apart from photography. Those little creatures are made of clay :)

This year, in March, for the first time in my life, I suddenly begun to paint (gouache) and make things using different kinds of clay. I've always liked to create things. I'm at peace, when creating something, feeling absolute freedom.
But painting (drawing) and clay, it is something I've never tried. Maybe now is the right time. Who knows :)
This site is dedicated to my stock food photography, so I don't post my arts on here, only on Twitter.
But maybe I should create some kind of ~arts & crafts~ corner on here...? Or it's embarrassing? Mmm, I'll think about it.
So, for now, stay tuned for the [part 3]!

Full set of new photos [here]

Best wishes and thank you for visiting us!

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