Christmas Special [part 3]
Round-up of our Chrismas Special series! Part 3 contains special winter drinks and cupcakes! :)
For the last few years, I've photographed mulled wine for Christmas, because it's the most popular winter drink. But this time I tried something that is simple, but never got my full attention. It's aromatic and sweet tea, that keeps you warm inside and happy outside during these cold winter days. :)
[part 3]
  • Chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream, apple, mint and berries.
  • Spiced Hibiscus & Rooibos tea.

I want to talk about these teas a little. On the photos you can see two kinds of tea - Hibiscus & Rooibos. I'm familiar with Hibiscus tea (we call it Karkade) and it's popular in Ukraine. But I've never tasted Rooibos tea before, and, I must say it's amazing! It smells and tastes wonderful! Plus, both of them have magnificient color :)
Wiki will tell you more about [Hibiscus Tea] and [Rooibos Tea], so I won't write all about their good qualities for health, etc.. :) Just have a read.
If you never drank these teas before, please try! You will be pleasantly surprised, I hope ;)
Full set of new photos as usual [here]

Thank you very much for the visit! Take care of yourself and your dear ones.
Good luck!
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