Food Photography: tips, tricks, setups, articles & stories. UPDATED 21 Feb.

Since I've dived into Food & Drink Photography, I've collected a lot of useful and interesting information about this topic. Some links I had already published, but I thought it would be better to combine them into one big post. I hope this information will help you too. Please enjoy :) 

If I find something new I'll update this post.

p.s. New materials will be posted at the beginning of the list.

Here we go!

Vegan Yum Yum - [Food Photography for Bloggers] + [Русский перевод статьи]

Michael Ray - [Food Photography Blog]

Wrightfood - [Technique]

My Cooking Hut/Tartelette - [Tips on Food Photography] + [Русский перевод статьи]

Lara Ferroni - [Still Life With]

Learn Food Photography - [Food Photography Wrap Up]

Heidi Swanson - [Food Photography Tips]

Jonathan Pollack - [Food Photography Techniques and Tips]

Darren Rowse - [Food Photography – An Introduction]

Rob Willey - [Shoot First, Eat Later]

Photodoto - [Big and Tasty Food Photography Tips Roundup]

Mattatouille - [Food Photography Guide]

DPB - [Food Photography - How to take Mouth Watering Photos of Food]

Photojojo! - [The Ten Tastiest Food Photography Tips]

Veggie Belly - [How to take food photos with a bright, white, seamless background]

White On Rice Couple - [How to Photograph Food Natural Light]

Some Books:

[Digital Food Photography] by Lou Manna.

[Food Styling for Photographers: A Guide to Creating Your Own Appetizing Art] by Linda Bellingham.



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