Highlights / June / 2013
Let the Berry Fest begin! :) Such a colorful and beautiful photoshoots we had in June, lots of work has been done and lots of desserts has been eaten :)
  • Coconut cakes with whipped cream and sweet cherry
  • Coconut cakes with whipped cream, strawberry and kiwi
  • Strawberry-kiwi parfait
  • Chocolate cake with whipped cream, peach and mulberry
  • Strawberry-peach parfait
  • Strawberry-mulberry parfait
  • Coconut cakes with whipped cream and strawberry
  • Chocolate cake with sweet cherries and whipped cream
  • Sweet cherry parfait
  • Coconut cakes with wild strawberries, peach and whipped cream

Full set of new photos [here]


p.s. some behind-the-scenes snaps from twitter, I'm thinking to make more of them next time:

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