Highlights / May / 2011 + news

As I mentioned before, April was a bad month for our work. So let's skip it and move to the May results :)

May 2011 highlights:

  • Roasted rabbit with different baked/stir-fried veggies
  • Cucumber-grapefruit salad
  • Berry roulades (blueberry, mango, strawberry) with whipped sour cream
  • Pancakes with berries, whipped cream and chocolate syrup
  • Strawberry-blueberry mille feuille with whipped sour cream
  • Fruit salad
  • Strawberry-blueberry parfait

All new photos as always [here]

In parallel with the general photo shootings, I'm already preparing for Christmas. In this year we decided to start earlier (June or July). I want everything to be ready in advance this time. Because last year, all xmas work was started in late September, and we didn't have much time to do everything that we had planned. In microstock photo industry September-October it's the start of the Christmas rush. So, the next 2 months I'll spend surrounded by xmas decorations, gingerbread cookies, mulled wine and fake snow...:D Everything must be ready until Autumn.
Btw, I've created twitter account, so you can follow me & get updates/news/other interesting info there.

Stay tuned :)



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