Zack Arias Weekend Workshop / CreativeLive
Dates: June 11-13. 

Watch for free this live online Worldwide broadcasting on [creativeLive].

From Zack's Course Description:

"I’m going to be teaching a studio lighting class. White seamless and beyond. Models, bands, etc. In order to maximize this for as many people as possible to see it live and for free I will be teaching the class over a weekend. Probably about six hours of live training with live Q&A and critique."

"I don’t do very well speaking straight to a camera so I’ll be doing some sort of twitter something or another looking for five people to come to the class, in person, for free. I do better if I have some real people to interact with but I’ll make damn sure that the viewer’s perspective isn’t just one of a camera on sticks in the back of a standard workshop. More details on that once we nail down the date."

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